About dHondt.eu

The exact genealogy I have forgotten, but D'Hondt election calculation dates back to my earliest days doing programming — at some point I wrote a (now long-lost) MS-DOS version, and around 1998 I ported the code to Windows, which later underwent a lot of one-off maintenance. Then during the mid-late 2000s I made various web-based variants, which in 2010 I migrated from my personal website to this dedicated domain. Today this website is maintained as a resource for anyone wanting to calculate D'Hondt election results, and includes datasets from previous elections. A list of nomenclature is available.


23 August 2019

A few days ago the server that hosted this website suffered a total data-loss, requiring a complete reinstall. The cause is still being investigated by the hosting provider, but this site has now been restored on a new system.

21 June 2019

A complete rebuild of the site, with an entirely new backend. My plan is to maintain full backward compatibility with any links out there that used the old version of the site, but it might take a while to fix all the incoming variants.

31 March 2019

This weekend the website was moved to a new server although it may take a day or two for the DNS changes to propagate world-wide. As a result of this long-planned move the website is now on its own server, which is a precursor to a much-overdue redesign.

13 June 2018

Further clean-up, most notably of the off-line calculator sections. One of the things I am looking into is the unsigned & closed-source nature of the off-line calculators, although I am unsure whether the cost of an Authenticode certficate can be justified given that most people use the on-line calculators instead.

31 May 2018

After a delay of several years I felt it was time to tidy up this D'Hondt micro-site, with the first stage bring a general clean-up. Changes include the following:- The next stage will most likley be adding in more past elecrion results, and then possibly looking at the off-line calculators assuming I can dig up the source code. If you have any suggestions, now is the time to send them to me!