Off-line Calculators

Here you will find D'Hondt calculators written for download and off-line use on desktop systems. At the moment these are written for Windows, although it is possible (albiet with some issues) to run them under Linux. At some point I may write a cross-platform version.


Brief history

The exact genealogy I have forgotten, but writing programs to do D'Hondt seat calculations date back to my earliest days doing programming. At some point I wrote a (now long-lost) MS-DOS version, and around 1998 I ported the code to Windows. A few years later I did a major rewrite, and more years later I recompiled the code using a more recent compiler to get round problems reported with WindowsXP. Then in 2010 I did a bugfix that sorted differences in how WindowsXP ,(compared to Win9x and Win2000) handled EM_GETLINE callbacks. In 2013 I did a complete rewrite using the .NET framework, which is partly because I am not sure where the source code for v2.4 has got to, and partly in order to refresh my knowledge of Windows Forms. This rewrite coincided with a complete overhaul of the web-based calculators, and the site as a whole.

Running under Linux

Although both versions of the program will run under Ubuntu (and I presume BSD and other Linux distributions) using either Wine or Mono, there are known issues. These are due to issues related to emulating Microsoft programs on Unix-like platforms:
fixme:font:freetype_SelectFont Untranslated charset 255
This happens with version 2.4, and the display is also messed up. This is because Wine does not include the built-in fixed-width (with line glyphs) that I used, and I have yet to find a workaround.
wine: Install Mono for Windows to run .NET 2.0 applications.
Version 3.x needs to be run using the mono command rather than the wine command.
The assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded.
Most likely you only have part of Mono installed. Under Ubuntu 12.04 this can be fixed by installing the mono-complete package.
The rows of results are miswrapped
This happens with version 3.0 because of text-box size differences between Windows and Wine's emulation of them. This is fixed in version 3.1 where they are sized dynamically.

Available versions

v2.4 (Win32 native) [Download]
I have forgotten the exact history, but the bulk of this program was written in 2001, with some parts dating back to the late-1990s. It uses the low-level Win32 API, so in principle should work with versions of Windows all the way back to Win95. I say in principle because I've not checked the compatibility of code generated my more recent compilers. I am no longer maintaining this version.
v3.0 beta (.NET v3.5) [Download]
This version requires .NET v3.5, which to my knowledge is included with Windows7 on default installs. It should run on WindowsXP if the .NET v3.5 run-time, but I have not tested it as I no longer have easy access to a WindowsXP machine.
v3.1 beta (.NET v3.5) [Download]
  • Added input for constituency seats in top-up style elections.
  • Fixed display problems when running using Mono.
  • Corrected incorrect casing on D'Hondt.


This software is for use strictly at your own risk. It has not damaged any of my own systems, but in these days of transparent caching, I cannot guarantee that the likes of NSA/GCHQ have not modified the program while in transit.